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bay area identity politics in every step, thought, utterance, movement of this entire place and it is so fascinating


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Statues are often idealized works of art. They are ideological, political or religious representations and attempt to turn their subjects into fascinating, eternal figures. Even when erected to keep alive the memory of a single person, a statue that lasts many generations will eventually establish itself as a symbol for the community. 

Statues are even more influential when they are monumental. An edifice can be said to be monumental when it is unusual, extraordinary and physically imposing. It has to be abnormal — as exceptional as the political or religious power itself — and also inseparable from its symbolic aspects.

The series “Colosses” is a study of the landscapes that embrace monumental commemorative statues. 

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I’m moving into my new place in Berkeley and was going through old stuff in my room at my parent’s house and found a diary from when I was living in Chile when I was 20. So much angst about my sexuality, so many reflections on how moving to South America was an escape from a previously unhappy existence. It all seems so distant, even though it was only five years ago. It affirmed how much I’ve grown and come into my own skin since.

Also gave me extreme wanderlust. I’m starting to resent my semi-permanency in the East Bay, but I can’t let this take over. Good thing I’m marrying a Frenchman very soon and getting EU residency! We’re meeting with an immigration lawyer for a consultation on Friday. I casually mentioned to my parents over dinner my plans to marry this man I met a month ago and they responded just as I anticipated. then I showed my mom his picture and she was convinced. 

Kraftwerk in Oakland.

Kraftwerk in Oakland.

This city is hideous.

This city is hideous.

I’ve spent the past two weeks spending every non-work hour in the most intense romance I’ve ever found myself in with a dashing Franco-Italian urban planner. He leaves for Paris early Thursday morning and my heart is heavy. Buuut he is pulling all the strings to try to come back and has been meeting with Berkeley professors and urbanists in the Bay Area for the past week to make it happen. And we may just get married so he can get a visa. My head is in the clouds.

Gorgon City - Deep House Amsterdam Mixtape #081 by Deep House Amsterdam

just signed up for the Cal gym for $30 a month deducted from my pay check yessssss

The IT boy is flirting shamelessly with my boss what is this world I have entered

First day in the office at UC Berkeley and it seems to be quite fine. Mostly boring administrative things, but I’ll be meeting a lot of people and eventually will be doing more substantial work. The Dean is a lovely big gay bear and the Director is a gay goat farmer/Russian scholar. Gay office. The Dean asked me to try to not schedule him lunch meetings because he is on a diet, and I was like, gurl I gotchyo back.